Who am I?

Thank you for stumbling upon my transformational life coaching webpage, I would like to think you have arrived here for a bigger reason that is yet to be unveiled. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that the people we cross paths with in this life may have a bigger purpose in our lives.  Maybe they show up to help guide us along our path of life or even to help us see things within ourselves that we were blind to before, whether good or bad, the experiences we share with others teach us something.

My name is Valerie and yes on paper I am a qualified transformational life coach with a masters in psychology- but I have a bigger mission in life- more than just a title to adhere to. My purpose in life is and always has been to help people feel love for themselves and help them through the most difficult times in their lives.  I am passionate about helping people see things in a different perspective and help them step into a new way of thinking about things, a more positive outlook.  From a very young age I felt the need to protect people’s hearts and give them whatever love and support I could in order to help them realise their own strength, confidence and ability to battle on and keep loving in this sometimes mega-challenging life. I feel like I had to give people what I felt I was lacking as a youth. I have faced numerous challenges in my life from a very young age which I am now grateful for as they are what made me into the person I am today. Through it all I have learned to forgive, love and use the challenges as a form of power to move on in life.  I have lived all over the world and have been embracing change since I left home at the tender age of seventeen. I was born in Athens, Greece and when my parents separated my mother decided to move my brother and I to Brookline, Massachusetts where I spent over twenty years. Since then I have lived across several US states, Cyprus, London, Panama and now living in a beautiful village near Peterborough. I have met some of the most amazing spiritual and influential people along my journey and have learned a great deal about life along the way which I am ready to share!

I am here to offer you my honest heart and provide you with all the tools I have learned along the way that may be useful for you to help light your soul back up and get you moving towards the direction you are destined for!

I can’t wait to connect with you and help you create a beautiful fulfilling life, the one you deserve to live 🙂

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